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Selection of texts written by art critics of exhibitions made by ILUMINADA GARCIA-TORRES of Geometric Art: Pictorial, Sculpture and DIGITAL Geometry that she started in 1991 with COMBINABLES and TRAZADO ESPACIAL CONTINUO  formulating continuous mathematics and geometry for hers works. Previously, she worked 25 years (1965-1990) in landscape painting, geometric architecture compositions and in the two paintings that ILUMINADA GARCIA-TORRES made of the ARIADNE the marble sculpture (1986-88) in the MUSEUM of PRADO, MADRID. 
Tuesday, June 2, 2015
02/06/15.- ILUMINADA GARCIA-TORRES, (Elche 1949) has made a Retrospective Exhibition with the title of Geometry, Color and Musicality, digital diagrams and painting 1991-2015, in the Municipal Exhibition Center of the city, Elche-Elx.
Julia Sáez-Angulo, vicepresident of the Madrid Association of Art Critics, AMCA, and member of the AECA / Spain International, writes in the catalog:

Geometry, Color and Musicality are three concepts of the eurythmy that emerges from the artistic work of ILUMINADA GARCIA-TORRES.
Geometry in which the rhythm of a musicality visible to the eyes is appreciated, inaudible, only in appearance.
She draws the dancing rhythm of a musicality that manifests herself in the wise administration of color on the support of paper, canvas ... geometry that dances; a musicality that is expressed in colors. Kandinsky already talked about it when he attributed musical notes to colors. Look at the sounds, hear the color.

Since the 90s, ILUMINADA GARCIA-TORRES has a coherent research trajectory in Geometric Art, painting, sculpture and digital diagrams, from hers works of Continuous SpatialTracing, Combinables to El Hilo de Ariadna. Geometry, color, rhythm and musicality are present in a creative world of lines, circles, squares, pixels ... A kaleidoscopic flicker, ordered by an artistic mind. Without leaving the painting, she uses the new technological means, which are fundamental in the generation of her innovative geometric works.

Geometry, Color and Musicality, is the conceptual key that describes the digital and pictorial geometrical work of ILUMINADA GARCIA-TORRES.
The lines drawn in the space reticular square, horizons that expand in cartographies of the musicality, express in the digital geometries of ILUMINADA GARCIA-TORRES a perception of she  at different countries, continents or cities: MUSICALITY-Sweden-Madrid-South America-Berlin -NewYork-MumbaiBombay-Beiying-Europe-GreeceGrecia-Tokyo-Paris-Nepal-Brooklyn-Africa-Universe.   

ILUMINADA GARCIA-TORRES in 1965 entered and she studied for Professor of Drawing at the Superior Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando, Madrid and the Complutense University. She lived in Madrid until 1997 and then in London, was a guest artist at Gasworks Studios in London, and since mid-1999 resides in Alicante. In 2000 he returned to London to make an exhibition at Hortensia Art Gallery, Kensington and Chelsea College in London. 
In 2003 ILUMINADA GARCIA-TORRES presented her geometry research, El hilo de Ariadna-Combinatoria, with the new technological media. Geometric art: one hundred works (200x100 cm.each) for the Art Collection of Hotel H. Amerigo, Alicante.
In Continuous Spatial  Drawings, the female author highlights each brushstroke in an affirmation of the energy, lines in brushstrokes of unique gesture, singular each  of the lines in the meditative trajectory in the realization, rhythms in color gradations in the squares of her works of the Geometric Art. ILUMINADA GARCIA-TORRES continues to create geometry compositions with the new digital media, with the pixels being the structure of the line.
Published  by Julia Saez Angulo y Dolores Gallardo en L.M.A.
1949 Elche Elx(Alicante) España
1965-1970 Studies Professor Drawing in the Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando in Madrid and Faculty of Fine Arts COMPLUTENSE UNIVERSITY, MADRID. In the first course his teacher is the painter Antonio López García and in 1969 Eusebio Sempere, year that reconciled the teaching with the investigation at the Computing Center of the Complutense University of Madrid.

Avda General Marvá 14, 1º izquierda, 03004 Alicante. SPAIN